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Miami International Education Center is located in Middletown, Ohio. It is the first in-depth cooperation with American Universities for Chinese students to study abroad. MIEC is dedicated to help Chinese students explore global opportunities and realize the full potential by providing quality and innovative educational programs and services. Our  widely recognized international programs have enabled thousands of students to gain admission into renowned universities worldwide.


2019 Spring Students Shared their MUM Dormitory Life

Chenqi Wu


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Student Testimony

2018 Fall Students shared their MUM experience after taking one month of classes.

Kiki Cao

"我选择ELC这个课程主要是因为Miami大学的综合排名还是很不错的,ELC可以得到很多英文上的帮助,而且我可以兼修很多大一的课程。我刚来的时候,学长学姐对我们新生还是非常关照的,我对于学校的课程安排和服务还是很满意的。 从一对一选课指导到小班授课,方方面面都能感受到教师和学校对学生的关注。我觉得对于选择大学而言,排名不一定是最重要的,更多的是这个大学为你提供了什么和自己在这里的感受。"


Beijing Office

MIEC has the establishment of the Chinese Admissions Office in Beijing. It is responsible for the Chinese market (including Hong Kong and Taiwan).
The establishment of the China Admissions Office is mainly for the school to better promote itself as a formal and recognizable institution, as well as creating a domestic cooperation with the universities to provide more protection for the students.

Establishment of a Language or Preparatory Center:
The purpose of establishing a Language Center is to provide more opportunities for students who wish to enter a U.S. university, not just to enroll students who have met the requirements. MIEC can also accept international students. After the end of the study can go directly to the university course to study, no need to test TOEFL or IELTS.


US Office

Committed to Excellence

We maintain a strong cooperative relationship with each of our partner university to ensure that students are receiving the best possible education and care. Our trust and loyalty to each partner is unrivaled. Most importantly, we believe in providing the highest quality of service, so that each cooperation project can flourish.