Miami University and local police department hosted 911 Student Safety Event for new coming international students.


Cincinnati lawyer Jing Zhang is giving a speech on student safety.


International Student Safety

Student Safety is Always the First Priority!

Safety is the most important concerns for international students preparing to study abroad.

Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to keep you as safe as possible during your studies.

Your safety should be your number one priority immediately after you arrive in the US. Although your college campus is likely to feel like the safest place in the world to you, bear in mind that most campuses are completely open to the public, so you need to be alert and aware at all times.

Keep An Eye On Your Valuables

Remember that burglaries and petty theft are the most common crimes that students face on campus, so you should always make sure to keep your personal items secure. If you’ve set up a place to study in the library and have to leave for a few minutes, either take your things with you or ask someone you trust to keep an eye on them for you.


Be careful with your keys. If you lose them, replace them immediately, rather than relying on your roommate to always be around to let you in.

Get a locking device for your laptop, whether a physical lock or some kind of electronic tracking or locking device.

Don’t leave your possessions alone in public.

In Ohio, for the traffic law, international students need to get driving permit first and then get the official license before driving. After the vehicle purchase, make sure to have the vehicle insurance first. Driving without insurance is against Ohio State Law. 

It is also prohibited to drink alcohol or provide alcohol for persons under the age of 21. 


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