Dining Facility

Authentic Chinese Food with Healthy Choices 

We have Chinese chefs that prepare all types of healthy choices 7 days a week.


Dining Facility

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the lush vegetation, Holiday House is conveniently located right in between the Miami University’s Middletown Campus and the dormitories in Park Lane. The close proximity to the dormitories (5 minute walk) and to campus (10 minute walk) brings superb convenience for our students.

The dining hall encompasses 200 square meters, which can accommodate up to 120 people at the same time. On the outside, the Holiday House has a large parking lot, a new basketball court and a barbeque grill. The inside features a spacious dining area and entertainment center to create a warm and relaxing dining environment for the students.

The dining facility provides new menus for breakfast and dinner daily. The kitchen chefs combine Chinese and Western cuisines to provide a nutritional and delicious meal for our students to start the day. Students get to enjoy authentic Chinese food cooked with the freshest ingredients that are handpicked by our chef at the largest international market. Each meal promises 4 dishes, 3 with meat and 1 vegetable that are well-received by our students.


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