International Student Service

  • Driving School Service: In order for the students to learn how to drive a car, the International Student Service Center will contact a driving school. The driving school will teach them at Holiday House. This makes it safe and easy for the students to get a license.

  • 󠇯Legal Aid: In the United States students will often encounter some legal issues, such as traffic accidents, student disputes, etc., the International Student Service Center will contact local lawyers to help students solve such a legal issue. It is to protect students from these issues. But, also, to help improve the legal awareness of students.

  • 󠇯Professional Practice Recommended: MIEC provides sophomore students with some internship opportunities. In that way, students nearing towards the completion of their studies can at the same time increase job related experience.

  • 󠇯Immigration Consultation: Our International Student Service Center also provides immigration counseling services for students. If you are interested in studying abroad, you can consult with the center in advance.

  • 󠇯Question, answers, and other help: if there is any need for help during the transition, the service center and teachers can provide answers and help, as long as the students are responsive.

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