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Park Lane

The Park Lane dormitory is a 10-15 minute walk from the Miami University Middletown campus. This dormitory has 12 apartments that can accommodate up to 100 people. There are a variety of room options for the students to pick from, ranging from single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms to townhouses. Every living quarter comes with a kitchen, living room, dining area, walk-in closet, multiple bathrooms, and a balcony for scenic viewing. The students can host gatherings or choose to enjoy the tranquility of spending time alone; the dorms offer a relaxed, pleasant, and warm environment for the students to rest in. There are public washers and dryers that are available 24/7.



The Roosevelt dormitory is located a bit farther from campus compared to the Park Lane apartments. It takes 10 minutes to travel to school and the dining hall by car. But worry not, we do provide two shuttle buses for convenient transportation between the dormitory and the campus.  The 24 sets of three-bedroom apartments in Roosevelt are relatively newer and they can accommodate about 80 students. The style of the dormitory mimics that of a large-sized apartment building.


The Hamilton dormitory is newly constructed in July for 2019 Fall international students; it is located in the Hamilton downtown area. It takes a 10-minute drive to the Hamilton campus. There are multiple shuttle buses and school bus services for convenient transportation between the dormitory and the campus.  The Hamilton dorms can accommodate about 60 students. Each dorm room comes with its own private bathroom. The students can find varies restaurants and shopping stores nearby the dormitory.

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